I’m a retailer. Why do I have to learn about gambling?

The LGA recognizes that some establishments do not offer gambling. During 2017, the LGA will offer group training by a liquor inspector for specialty wine stores, liquor vendors, duty-free stores and liquor manufacturers with a retail endorsement. This training will be tailored to their specific retail environments; for example, the training will not include the gambling awareness module. Once staff groups are trained at these first sessions, any new employees will simply take Smart Choices online.

Beer vendors are located in hotels, which generally also have liquor service licences. As such, managers, security and staff at beer vendors will be required to take Smart Choices so that their certification is transferable across licensed areas. Liquor Marts also will not be offered group training by a liquor inspector.

For liquor service establishments, Smart Choices will have liquor and gambling components whether or not the establishment offers gambling. Requiring the same liquor and gambling training for everyone means that the Smart Choices certification is easily transferable across the hospitality industry.