VLT Siteholder Licence

You must comply with the terms and conditions set by the LGA to maintain your VLT siteholder licence in good standing. Please click below for a copy of these terms and conditions.

VLT siteholder terms and conditions

First Nations VLT siteholder terms and conditions

Maintaining your liquor service licence in good standing is a a condition of your VLT siteholder licence. Failure to comply with the VLT siteholder terms and conditions or to maintain your liquor licence can result in the suspension or revocation of your licence.

Please click below for answers to common questions about complying with your licence.

What is Smart Choices? Do I need this training?

Smart Choices is a new responsible service training program that replaces Serving It Safe and the Problem Gambling Assistance Program (PGAP). Effective January 2, 2017, in establishments with a liquor licence, managers, security and staff who do not already have Serving It Safe or It’s Good Business training must successfully complete Smart Choices before starting to work in a licensed service establishment.

Generally, gambling is offered in businesses where liquor is served. The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) delivered PGAP since it was launched in the late 1990s; however, this in-person program was only required for one senior staff person at each VLT site. The LGA has worked with the AFM to include problem gambling awareness training in Smart Choices. This approach will equip all staff at VLT sites and casinos to help customers who may be struggling with gambling. Requiring the same liquor and gambling training for everyone also means that the Smart Choices certification is easily transferable across the hospitality industry.

The LGA has stopped inspecting for PGAP training. The AFM may still offer various responsible gambling training programs; however, the LGA no longer considers PGAP training to be a requirement for VLT sites that are also licensed to serve liquor.

A small number of First Nations VLT sites do not have liquor licences. The LGA and AFM will work with these establishments to ensure staff have responsible gambling training. Staff do not need to take Smart Choices if the establishments where they work do not have a liquor licence.

What happens during an inspection?

The LGA inspects VLT sites to ensure that licensees are in compliance with the terms and conditions of their licences.

The inspector may ask in advance that certain documents and information be ready for inspection. This may include bank statements, cancelled cheques, deposit books and training certificates.

An inspector may do the following during an inspection:

  • verify the number of VLTs on site are correct
  • ensure that VLTs are not visible to minors within the area of the site in which the VLTs are situated
  • verify all signage provided by the LGA is posted

Our site contact has changed. What do we need to do?

As a licensed VLT siteholder, you are required to notify the LGA of any changes to your business entity, principals or location. This includes changes in contact information, shareholders or the sale of the business.

You must report any changes in writing to the LGA, either by email or by mail to:

LGA Gaming Licence Department

800-215 Garry Street

Winnipeg, MB  R3C 3P3

We sold our business. What do we do next?

Any sale of a VLT siteholder location or business entity that has a VLT siteholder licence must be reported to the LGA at least 10 business days prior to the closing date of the sale. The new owners must apply for a licence to operate the VLT site before taking ownership of the location. Operating VLTs without a licence is a crime and failure to obtain a licence will result in the VLTs being shut down.

I am already licensed and have purchased another site with VLTs. Do I need to reapply?

No, you do not need to reapply. Licensed business entities that have purchased a new location must submit a portion of the VLT siteholder application indicating the new location details to get a licence for the new location. This licence will be added to your currently licensed business entity.

If you are purchasing a new location and using a different entity, the new entity will have to apply to the LGA with the applicable business entity and VLT siteholder application.



Please email our Gaming Licence Department or contact us at 204-954-9400 or toll-free at 1-800-782-0363 with any other questions about your VLT siteholder licence.