Liquor Advertising

Together, the LGA and licensees have a responsibility to ensure that liquor advertising and liquor marketing and promotional practices in Manitoba balance business needs with consumer choice while promoting moderate, safe and legal consumption. The LGA believes that self-monitoring by licensees is an effective way to manage advertising, marketing and promotions within a modern regulatory framework.

All licensees must ensure their advertising meets the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. All licensees must also include a tagline about responsible alcohol consumption in all liquor advertising and marketing. Please review our Liquor Licensee Policy Manual or click below for our guide on liquor advertising and marketing practices. We have developed this guide to assist licensees in interpreting and applying advertising regulations and standards.

Guide: Liquor Advertising and Marketing Practices


Please email our Liquor Licence Department or contact us at 204-474-5619 or toll-free at 1-888-898-6522 with any questions about liquor advertising.