Under Order in Council No. 524/1997, local gaming authorities, including municipalities, local government districts and incorporated communities, are allowed to license charitable and religious organizations located within their boundaries to hold raffles where the total prizes for each raffle do not exceed $3,000. Local gaming authorities may set their own terms and conditions for these raffles.

Please click below to read the information bulletin sent to municipalities in March 2014.

Information Bulletin: Municipalities

Record-keeping and Reporting Requirements

Local gaming authorities must maintain records and publish an annual report of all charitable raffle events licensed within their boundaries. The report must be submitted to the LGA within 90 days of the authority’s fiscal year end and must include:

  • the amount of money received in licence fees
  • the number of raffle licences issued
  • additional information if revenues exceed $10,000

Local gaming authority financial report

All licensees’ approved by a local gaming authority must complete and submit a financial report to the local gaming authority. The report must be submitted to the local gaming authority following the licensed raffle and must include:

  • gross revenue from raffle ticket sales
  • the amount (value) of prizes awarded
  • expenses associated with the raffle
  • details of how the net proceeds were spent

Local gaming authority raffle financial report



LGA auditors are available to provide assistance and training sessions on record-keeping and reporting requirements. Please email our Audit Department or contact us at 204-954-9400 or toll-free at 1-800-782-0363 with any questions, for assistance completing your financial reports, or for more information about training opportunities.