Cannabis Research

With the legalization of non-medical cannabis coming in 2018, the LGA’s responsibilities will expand to include regulating cannabis. Just as we do for liquor and gambling, the LGA will establish sensible and balanced licensing and inspection processes, and public safety and social responsibility standards for selling, purchasing and using cannabis.

Cannabis is the most commonly-used illicit substance, however, there has been little research done specific to Manitoba. In preparation of our new task to regulate cannabis,2017 Manitoba Cannabis Survey Infographic -TEST Consumption Motives the LGA conducted research to learn how Manitobans currently use cannabis, how this might change after legalization and what their expectations for information and public safety are. Now, and over time, this survey and other information will help the LGA build Manitobans’ knowledge about cannabis and monitor the impact of legalization.

Click here for the full 2017 Manitoba Cannabis Survey report.

Click here for an infographic that highlights key survey findings.

Click here for the LGA’s news release about the report.