Raffles at social events

Raffles at Social Events

Individuals and groups who are planning a one-time social event at a venue such as a banquet hall, restaurant, bar or community centre, and want to have a raffle such as a 50/50 or player’s choice draw at the event are able to apply for a social occasion raffle licence.

The Criminal Code (Canada) limits individuals to holding raffles under specific terms and conditions. Games such as plinko, loonie drops and prize wheels are not raffles and cannot be licensed for social events such as wedding socials.

Liquor and gaming rules were modernized under Manitoba’s Liquor and Gaming Control Act and regulations that came into effect April 1, 2014. These regulations make it fair for participants and legal for organizers to hold raffles at social events. There was no way under the previous provincial legislation for individuals to hold these raffles legally.

The social occasion raffle licensing process varies depending whether a liquor permit is needed for the social occasion event:

  • If the organizer is applying for a liquor permit, the raffle licence application is included as a check box on the social occasion liquor permit application. Click here for information on social occasion liquor permits.
  • If no liquor is being served, or the event is being held under a facility’s existing liquor licence, the organizer applies for a raffle licence by completing an application on MyLGA.ca, or by submitting the social occasion raffle application to the LGA. Click here for more information on social occasion raffles.

There is no additional fee or financial reporting required.


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