Can players deal?

No. Cards must be dealt by a Texas hold’em poker tournament dealer. The licensed organization must provide sufficiently trained dealers for each table. Dealers may be volunteers, members of the organization or employees of a licensed service provider, and may be paid to provide this service.

Can we pay our dealers?

Yes; however, total expenses cannot exceed 15% of the anticipated gross revenue.

Is there an age restriction for Texas hold’em poker tournaments?

Yes, all tournaments are age-restricted. People under 18 years of age are not permitted to play, volunteer or work at any Texas hold’em poker tournament.

We received forms with our Texas hold’em poker tournament licence package. What do we do with these forms?

Organizations with anticipated gross revenue over $10,000 must submit financial reports to the LGA. Organizations with anticipated gross revenue of $10,000 or less must simply keep records of the licensed event(s) and are not required to submit the forms. All records relating to the conduct and operation of the Texas hold’em poker tournament must be kept by the licensee for at least three years. The LGA may request these records during an inspection, audit or with a subsequent application.

Can we apply for more than one Texas Hold’em poker tournament?

Yes, organizations may apply for a single event, a limited series of events or an ongoing licence.

What are the specifications for the tables we use at our Texas hold’em poker tournament?

Tables for Texas hold’em poker tournaments must be large enough to accommodate a dealer and up to 10 players. The tables must permit the players to examine their cards privately without disclosing their value to other players.

Can we use poker chips, cards or other equipment purchased from a retail store?

Yes, however licensed organizations must verify that all equipment used is tamper-proof, ensures the integrity of the game and prevents cheating. For example, only the chips sold at the Texas hold’em poker tournament and the cards dealt by the dealer can be used. Equipment must be of reasonable quality, maintained properly and replaced regularly.

Should we rent or purchase equipment?

It’s up to you. Your decision to rent or purchase equipment may depend on your plans to hold one event or several events. Chips (at least three different denominations), playing cards, tables and chairs are examples of equipment that you’ll need to run your tournament. The LGA recommends that you research the cost of renting versus the cost of purchasing before deciding which will most benefit your organization’s event. Either way, it is your responsibility to ensure that your suppliers are licensed by the LGA.

The supplier/service provider we are renting equipment from has offered to help us run our Texas hold’em poker tournament. Is this allowed?

As the licensee, your organization is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the event. Licensees cannot assign the conduct or management of the Texas hold’em poker tournament to any gaming supplier or service provider. You may hire LGA-licensed suppliers or service providers to provide equipment and/or staff and to assist in managing the general tournament play.

Where can we get a list of licensed suppliers/service providers?

You may contact the LGA Gaming Licence Department for a list of licensed suppliers and service providers. Licensed organizations must not do business with unlicensed suppliers or service providers.