Can I have a raffle as part of an event at my home?

No. Social occasion raffles must take place at a public place of amusement such as a banquet hall, restaurant, bar or community centre, and not in a private premises.

What is considered a one-time or single event?

A one-time or single event is a stand-alone event for a limited amount of time. Tickets are sold and drawn during the event.

We want to have an event with a raffle at a restaurant or bar. Can we pay them a fee to take care of the raffle licensing for us?

No. The group or individual holding the raffle has to apply for the social occasion raffle licence.

The application asks for the name of the premises where the event is being held. Why does it matter where I hold my event?

Federal law in Canada is specific about how and where gaming activities can take place. For individuals and groups, that are not bona fide charitable or religious organizations, raffles are only licensed for one-time social events and must be held in certain types of locations that are leased for the purpose of holding the event.

The law calls these locations “public places of amusement”. In Manitoba, this is defined as a place that is leased or used for an event and for which an admission fee is typically charged, such as a theatre, community hall, church, hockey rink or school. Banquet halls, hotels or restaurants are other examples of locations that would be considered as an eligible location.

Is there a charge for the social occasion raffle licence?

No. There is no extra charge for the social occasion raffle licence. We combined it with the liquor permit application on the social occasion permit application. The fee for the liquor permit is based on the type of social occasion. There is no charge for events without liquor, or for a which the facility already holds a liquor licence.

Do I have to submit a financial report for the raffle?

No. Financial reports are not required for these types of raffles.

Is there a limit to how much money you can make?

The maximum amount you can make per raffle is $10,000. Each raffle is considered a separate event. However, a 50/50 is an actual prize and cannot exceed revenue of $1,000 because the prize would exceed $500.

What if someone does not comply with the new rules?

We will follow up on any complaints brought to our attention.