Can I order my liquor right away?

You should contact the store that you want to buy your liquor from as soon as possible to make sure the liquor you want is available. You can purchase your liquor from any Liquor Mart, liquor vendor, specialty wine store, beer vendor or manufacturer with a retail endorsement licensed by the LGA.

Where do I pick up my permit?

You will pick up your social occasion permit at a Liquor Mart, liquor vendor or specialty wine store. You will be asked on your social occasion permit application to specify which location you will be picking up our social occasion permit. Your chosen location will receive your social occasion permit once we approve it.

Do I need a separate permit to conduct a raffle at my event?

You can have a raffle at social occasion permit events, as long as you have a licence from us for the raffle. For more information on raffles, please click here.

What if I want to hold my event in a hotel? Do I still need a social occasion permit?

If you’re bringing liquor into a venue, you need a social occasion permit. If the venue is providing the liquor, your event will fall under the venue’s liquor licence and you will not require a social occasion permit. You should discuss liquor requirements with your venue before filling out a social occasion permit application.

Do I need a social occasion permit if I am hosting an event in my home?

If you’re having your event on your private residential property, you don’t need a permit as long as you’re not selling liquor.

Am I automatically eligible to receive a social occasion permit?

If you’re at least 18 years old, you can apply for a social occasion permit for yourself or on behalf of an organization.

Submitting an application doesn’t mean your application will be approved. We will review your application to make sure you’re eligible.