I already have a lottery ticket retailer registration from the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission. Do I have to apply for this licence too?

Under The Liquor and Gaming Control Act, lottery ticket retailer registrations will now be called lottery ticket retailer licences. This is a name change only. If you currently have a lottery ticket terminal, your existing registration will be considered a lottery ticket retailer licence and will remain in effect until its expiry date. When it comes time to renew your registration, the LGA will issue a lottery ticket retailer licence in place of a registration.

What does a lottery ticket retailer licence cost?

There is no cost for a lottery ticket retailer licence.

Why do I have to fill out a personal disclosure? What do you use the information for?

All shareholders who own 10% or more of the applicant business entity must submit a personal disclosure as part of the application. This application is used to determine the suitability of the business entity’s principles.

Any information gathered in the application is protected under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will only be used by the LGA for the purposes of assessing suitability. Failure to complete the personal disclosure form will result in an incomplete application. The LGA will not process incomplete applications.

When will I get my lottery ticket terminal?

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries manages the installation of lottery ticket terminals. Once you are licensed by the LGA you must contact Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries to arrange an installation date.

What does the application process look like?

Once we receive your application, the LGA will review it and conduct a background investigation on the business entity and its principals. The background investigation includes, but is not limited to, a credit history report, a criminal records check and a court registry search. The LGA has the authority to conduct any investigation it deems necessary to determine suitability. If your application is deemed suitable, we will issue you a lottery ticket retailer licence.

How do I get a lottery ticket terminal for my business?

Please contact Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries at 204-957-2500 if you are interested in becoming a lottery ticket retailer. Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries determines eligibility and makes decisions about lottery ticket retail locations. New lottery ticket retailers cannot apply for an LGA licence until after their application has been approved by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries.