What happens during an inspection?

Inspectors have the whole province of Manitoba as their jurisdiction and are empowered under The Liquor and Gaming Control Act to perform inspections in any premises that sell, serve or manufacture liquor or that conduct gaming. Inspections can occur at any time of the day or night with or without prior notice.

Licensees must provide any assistance or documents requested by an inspector or investigator. Inspectors may ask in advance that certain documents or information be ready for inspection.

How do I know the person is from the LGA?

All LGA inspectors and investigators have proper identification, which includes business cards and photo identification issued by the LGA. You can ask to see the inspector or investigator’s identification.

How many locations are inspected?

The LGA attempts to inspect every licensed liquor or gaming premises in Manitoba. Only a small fraction of inspections results in breaches noted by inspectors.

With a risk-based approach, we consider a variety of criteria to determine the frequency of inspections, and some licensees are inspected more frequently than others. A licensees’ past history is considered among other criteria.