Liquor and Gambling in Manitoba

The Liquor and Gambling in Manitoba survey was conducted in 2016 to gather information about liquor and gambling knowledge and behaviours among adult Manitobans. Previous studies on gambling behaviours occurred every three years beginning in 2004, with questions on liquor added in 2013.

The survey asked 1,200 adults from across the province about their use of liquor and participation in gambling activities. The results show that the majority of Manitobans both drink liquor and gamble, and that they do so responsibly. Other highlights include:

    LGMII Infographic (FINAL 9NO2017)
  • 86% of Manitobans always use at least one responsible drinking strategy when they consume liquor. Pre-planning transportation, for example by calling a taxi or having a designated driver, remained the most common responsible drinking strategy.
  • The most popular forms of gambling are stable, with the relatively popularity unchanged since 2004. Buying charity raffle or fundraising tickets is the most common activity, and betting money online is the least popular one. Over half of Manitobans always set spending limits when they gamble; however, the proportion of limit-setters decreased since it was last measured.

The LGA strives to be neutral and balanced in its regulatory role, and uses empirical evidence to guide its operational and social responsibility initiatives. The survey’s comprehensive results will be used to inform the LGA’s responsible drinking and responsible gambling initiatives, including the development of province-wide public education initiatives. The next Liquor and Gambling in Manitoba survey is planned for 2019 to assess the evolution of liquor and gambling in the province.


Click below to access the Liquor and Gambling in Manitoba II report and fact sheet, as well as earlier reports. Please email our Research Department or contact us at 204-954-9400 with any questions.

Report: Liquor and Gambling in Manitoba II (2017)

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