Data Access

Collaboration and sharing data are ways to increase the value of research. The LGA is open to opportunities for collaboration and will also consider requests from external researchers to access its research data for their own projects.

MLSYA Data Access Program

The Manitoba Longitudinal Study of Young Adults (MLSYA) dataset contains a wealth of instruments that can be used to examine many issues affecting young adults in Manitoba. Along with its MLSYA partners, the LGA is pleased to make this valuable longitudinal dataset available to external researchers. Researchers may apply to use the dataset for their own research studies, which do not necessarily need to be related to liquor consumption or gambling. Applications may be submitted at any time.

Click here for the program guidelines and application.

Liquor and Gambling in Manitoba

Every three years, the LGA conducts a province-wide survey on the patterns of liquor and gambling knowledge and behaviours. These Liquor and Gambling in Manitoba datasets are utilized internally but are available to researchers for projects. Students are especially encouraged to use these data for graduate theses and dissertations.

Click here for more information about Liquor and Gambling in Manitoba.


Please email or contact us at 204-954-9400 if you would like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or data access.