What things do I need to consider when planning a Texas hold’em poker tournament?

These kinds of tournaments are complex. The Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament Terms and Conditions state specific requirements and details which you need to think about and plan for, including:

  1. What is the venue’s capacity?
  2. How many tables and chairs will we need?

Tables, equipment and human resources:

  1. Do the tables meet tournament requirements?
  2. How many chips will we need to accommodate the maximum number of players and how will we identify them?
  3. How many decks of cards do we need?
  4. How many dealers are needed to operate the tournament?
  5. What kind of training is required?

Gaming supplier or service provider:

  1. Do we require the expertise of a licensed supplier or service provider?
  2. What is the cost of hiring a licensed supplier or service provider?
  3. Should we use a supplier or service provider for the equipment, staff or both?


  1. Have we made sure our expenses do not exceed 15% of anticipated gross revenue?
  2. Do we plan to pay wages?
  3. Will there be costs for other promotions or door prizes?
  4. Will we pay rent for the venue?
  5. What kind of advertising/event promotion is required?
  6. What are the costs for professional services?
  7. What are the costs of gaming/equipment supplies


  1. How many prizes will be offered? What is the prize structure?
  2. Will we offer cash prizes, merchandise or both?
  3. If we are offering cash prizes, will they be set prizes or based on a percentage of entry fees?
  4. Will rebuy revenue (if applicable) to be part of the prize structure?
  5. Will merchandise prizes be purchased or donated?