What happens during an inspection?

The LGA inspects gaming events to ensure that licensees are in compliance with the terms and conditions of their licences.

The inspector may ask in advance that certain documents and information be ready for inspection. This may include the nightly event sheets, bank statements, cancelled cheques, deposit books, bingo/breakopen product, winners’ lists and training certificates.

Among other things, an inspector may do the following during an inspection:

  • Raffle: ensure all raffle draws are open to all ticket holders; verify all raffle equipment is in good working order; review seller control and tracking mechanism records and ensure adequate controls are in place; and ensure that each eligible raffle ticket drawn for a lesser prize is returned to the draw drum to be eligible for the main prize
  • Bingo and breakopen: verify that event is happening at the date, time and location specified on      licence; ensure bingo balls are displayed prior to play; make sure that procedures for awarding prizes are followed; inspect financial and inventory records; and determine that no other unapproved games are being held at the event
  • Media bingo: obtain a copy of the organization’s current media bingo game program to compare      to the one on file; verify master control books are used at the licensed event; document announcements made for prizes, accumulator prize values and consolation prizes; and ensure the licensed organization collects all winning media bingo cards from the players prior to awarding prize(s)
  • Texas hold’em poker tournament: verify that pre-registered participants are listed on registration forms; note whether gaming tables area is separated or divided off from non-gaming spectator area of venue; randomly inspect playing cards for any chipped, marked or unusable cards; and ensure the dealer button starts with the player to the left of the dealer
  • Sports draft: review sports draft ticket distribution and cash handling procedures with the      licensed organization; ensure any promotional sports draft tickets are entered into the application draw(s); verify how sports draft workers are paid; and recount sold sports draft tickets
  • Calcutta auction: ensure the event is open to the general public; verify that prizes and order of      payout for the event are posted prior to event; check that all winners’ information is properly recorded; and verify that the total prize pool conforms to the minimum as per the terms and conditions
  • Monte Carlo: note if event is operating in a liquor permitted area; ensure approved Monte Carlo house rules are posted; verify that no player handles, alters or withdraws a losing bet and that the dealer collects all losing bets; count the Monte Carlo event float to ensure all money is accounted for; and note other cash expenses paid out at the event
  • Midway: determine the number of days the midway is operating at the specific event location;      ensure all games operating at the event(s) are as per the approved licence application; verify that all prizes awarded are less than $500 in value; and determine if persons under the age of 18 years are allowed to play the games of chance or mixed chance and skill