What happens at a hearing?

You will be able to ask the executive director questions about the order or decision and you will have an opportunity to present your case.

You can speak on your own behalf, or you may ask a lawyer or another person to represent you. You or your representative will need to present factual information, for example, evidence such as documents and witness testimony or character references. You may be asked questions about your case and the information you present.

The executive director will also have an opportunity to present his/her case. He/she will be represented by a lawyer and will present evidence, such as documents and witnesses to support the decision.

There will be an opportunity for both sides to question evidence brought forward, and the board may also ask questions.

The rules for all hearings are established by Parts 7 of The Liquor and Gaming Control Act,  and by the Licensing and Appeals Regulation. Please click on the links or as the LGA for copies of these documents.