What does the application process look like?

Once you have been interviewed and the employer wishes to proceed with an offer of employment, the employer’s human resources department will provide you with the LGA employee licence application. You must complete this application and return it to human resources, which will forward it to the LGA.

The application has five parts:

  • Part one requests personal information, including your name, mailing address, birth date and social insurance number. This information is collected so the LGA can complete its background investigation. All personal information collected in your application is confidential and protected under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  • Part two requests that you disclose any charges or convictions you have had in any jurisdiction. Charges include stays of proceedings, withdrawals and dismissals of charges.
  • Part three requests your employment history. You must list your current/last employer as well as your position, length of employment and reason for leaving.
  • Part four requests your licensing history. You will be asked if you have ever been licensed by the LGA or the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission, or if you have ever held an employee licence/registration in any other jurisdiction.
  • Part five consists of three declaration and consent sections that permit the LGA to complete its background investigation and perform any required ongoing screening. You must sign and date all three sections.

You must be honest on your application and disclose anything that may be consequential to your application. Failure to disclose relevant information will result in a more detailed investigation, longer processing time and a potential denial of your application.