What are my responsibilities as a permit holder?

Taking out a social occasion permit is a big responsibility. Social occasion permit holders are required to follow all of the rules in the Terms and Conditions. Before you can submit your social occasion permit application, you must read and accept all of the permit holder terms and conditions.

Here are a few highlights you need to know as a social occasion permit holder:

  • You need to be in attendance at all times during the event. If you leave for any reason, you need to attach a note to the social occasion permit saying who is covering for you.
  • You are allowed to have more than one name on the permit.
  • Make sure minors aren’t drinking liquor. Ask anyone who looks under 25 for identification.
  • Have receipts/invoices for the liquor you purchased readily available.
  • Don’t let your guests bring in/take out liquor from your venue.
  • You can only serve liquor during the hours specified on the social occasion permit.
  • Provide enough food for all of your guests.
  • If a liquor inspector or police officer shows up, you have to let them in.
  • Don’t allow bartenders to serve more than 85.2 ml of spirits, 500 ml of wine, or 750 ml of beer to an individual at any one time.
  • Make sure no one has more than two drinks at the same time.

Make sure you review the terms and conditions found at the end of the social occasion permit application to see your complete responsibilities.