We’re planning a raffle at our social and have heard there are changes. What’s different?

Fundraising at socials has always been a tradition. We’ve clarified the rules to make it easy and lawful to hold fundraising events like 50/50 draws and “silent auctions”, which are technically known as “players’ choice raffles”. This means that when you apply for your liquor permit using the Social Occasion Permit application, you’ll now also apply for a raffle authorization on the same form.

You will just need to check the box on the application. The approved permit you receive will note that there will be a fundraising raffle(s). The permit holder must comply with terms and conditions listed on the back of the social occasion permit, including these Criminal Code (Canada) limits related to the raffle:

  • The amount or value of each raffle prize must not exceed $500.
  • Each ticket cannot cost more than $2.

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