Is there anything else I should do to hold a safe event?

The LGA recommends the following to permit holders:

  • Plan not to drink during the event. You’ll be more capable of controlling potential problems if you’re thinking clearly.
  • Identify security personnel with hats, t-shirts, etc. and have them circulate throughout the room during your event.
  • Don’t serve doubles.
  • Hire trained bartenders for your event. Professional bartenders are required to complete Smart Choices and know the liquor laws. Avoid using friends as bartenders – they may not feel comfortable turning away an intoxicated guest.
  • Ensure your bartenders aren’t serving more than two drinks at a time to any one person.
  • Remind your guests to designate a driver. This can be as simple as printing “Please plan to use a designated driver” on the back of your social ticket or arranging for rides or taxis. Remind guests throughout the event not to drink if they will be driving.
  • Plan to deal with guests who drink too much. Before the event starts, ask some guests to be prepared to help you if necessary.
  • Don’t allow your guests to drive home drunk. Get them a ride with a sober person or send them home by taxi.