Promotional Contests

Contests can be great promotional tools. Many consumers are attracted to the idea of winning a prize and are eager to become eligible contestants.

The LGA is often asked if we regulate promotional contests and what the “rules” are.  Is it gambling?

If promotional contests are run appropriately, they are not gambling and are not regulated by the LGA. However, to enter a true contest, you must not be required to pay in any way, including not having to purchase any products or service and not being required to make a donation or pay to attend an event.

If there is:

  • a cost to enter or play, and
  • a chance to win, and
  • a prize

then, in most cases, this is not a true promotional contest, but instead will be considered gambling and must be licensed to be legal.

Please email our Compliance Department or call us at 204-954-9400 or toll-free at 1-800-782-0363 if you have a concern about illegal gaming. Please note the location and date that you witnessed the concerning situation, as we will need this information to investigate.