Gaming Service Provider Licence

The LGA licenses all gaming service providers who do business in Manitoba. A gaming service provider is any person or business that provides a gaming service to Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, a gaming operator, a local gaming authority or an organization that holds a charitable gaming event licence.

New gaming service providers must be licensed by the LGA before they can carry out business in Manitoba. The LGA conducts background investigations on all applicants as part of the licensing process. All gaming service providers must comply with the terms and conditions of their licence.

Multi-jurisdictional personal history disclosure

Multi-jurisdictional personal history disclosure consent and authorization

Gaming supplier and gaming service provider personal disclosure  Note: This disclosure is not required from all applicants. Please contact us to determine if you must complete this form.

Gaming supplier and gaming service provider business disclosure

Gaming service provider terms and conditions (gaming service providers are subject to gaming supplier terms and conditions)


Please click below for answers to some common questions about gaming service provider licences. You can also email our Gaming Licence Department or contact us at 204-954-9400 or toll-free at 1-800-782-0363.

I want to hold poker tournaments; do I need a licence?

In Manitoba, only eligible charitable and religious organizations can apply for a licence to conduct a Texas hold’em poker tournament. Licensed organizations can hire gaming service providers to help run a tournament, including providing equipment, dealers and assistance with event rules. Gaming service providers are not eligible to hold their own tournaments.

What kinds of services do gaming service providers offer?

Gaming service providers offer many types of services to gaming licensees and operators. Examples of services include marketing, ticket processing and gaming equipment for licensed gaming events.

How do we determine who our principals are?

The LGA considers principals to be all officers, directors, partners or shareholders who own 10% or more of the business entity, as well as executive employees and any individuals with the authority to enter into contracts on behalf of the entity.

Is there a cost for a gaming service provider licence?

Yes, gaming service providers have an initial application fee and subsequent annual licence fees. They are also responsible for the costs associated with any investigation related to their licence.


What happens during the investigation process?

The LGA conducts a due diligence investigation on all new applicants as well as an annual update investigation on existing gaming service providers. The investigation will examine the honesty, integrity and financial history of the business entity and its principals. The investigation includes, but is not limited to, a credit history report, a criminal records check and a court registry search. The LGA has the authority to conduct any investigation it deems necessary to determine suitability.

Some investigations require travel by LGA investigators. The applicant must pay for any costs associated with required travel.

I already have a gaming management service registration from the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission. Do I have to apply for this licence too?

You will be able to continue to do business as long as your registration is in good standing. Under The Liquor and Gaming Control Act, gaming management service registrations will now be called gaming service provider licences. This is a name change only. Your existing registration will be considered a gaming service provider licence and will remain in effect until its expiry date. When it comes time to renew your registration, the LGA will issue a gaming service provider licence in place of a registration.