Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a gaming event where participants can play at a maximum of four blackjack table games and any number of wheel of fortune games. Monte Carlo is generally used as the entertainment in conjunction with another event. Monte Carlo is often called a ‘casino night’.

Monte Carlo application

  • Six week processing time

Monte Carlo terms and conditions


Please click below for answers to some common questions about Monte Carlo. You can also email our Gaming Licence Department or contact us at 204-954-9400 or toll-free at 1-800-782-0363.

Who can hold a Monte Carlo event?

The LGA licenses charitable and religious organizations to conduct Monte Carlo events in accordance with Section 207(1)(b) of the Criminal Code (Canada). If your organization has never been licensed, you must submit background information about your organization to determine your eligibility.

How long does it take to get a Monte Carlo licence?

The LGA requires up to six weeks to process applications. It may take longer to process your application if it is incomplete or inaccurate. You cannot advertise your Monte Carlo event until your licence is approved.

What does a Monte Carlo licence cost?

You must pay a licence fee of $5.00 per game per day. You must submit this fee with your application.

How do we apply for a Monte Carlo licence?

Please complete our Monte Carlo application.You can also call our Gaming Licence Department at 204-954-9400 or toll-free at 1-800-782-0363 for a paper copy of the application or to arrange a time to complete the form in person at one of our offices.

Please read and ensure you understand the Monte Carlo Terms and Conditions before you apply for a licence. You must comply with these terms and conditions once you are licenced.

What do we need to submit with our application?

In order to determine an organization’s eligibility for a licence, first-time applicants and organizations not licensed in over three years must provide as many of the following documents as possible:

  • charter
  • constitution and by-laws
  • articles of incorporation and most recent corporate annual return
  • minutes of most recent annual general meeting
  • membership list
  • most recent financial statement and bank statements

Our organization is very small and we do not have the background documents you ask for. Can we still get a licence?

Yes, provided your organization is a charitable or religious organization. We recognize that many smaller organizations may not have formal documentation. In these cases, minutes from meetings and/or letters of support from principals, councillors, priests or mayors may be acceptable. These letters of support should state:

  • that the group is in fact a bona fide organization
  • the organization’s aims and objectives
  • the reasons/need for fundraising

What if we don’t have a president, vice-president, secretary or treasurer?

If the titles of your executive members are not consistent with the generic titles on the form, please indicate your organization’s actual titles on your application. Organizations must adapt their titles to those on the form in a best-fit manner where necessary (e.g. Grand Knight, Head Coach, Manager, Principal, or Minister may replace President). The executive members you list on the application must be the actual elected executive of the organization itself and not members of a sub-committee who have been given responsibility for the charitable gaming event.

Are there any limitations on advertising our Monte Carlo event?

You cannot advertise your Monte Carlo event until your licence is approved. All advertisements must contain the name of the licensed organization and your licence number. If you are advertising on the internet, you must indicate that the event is intended for Manitoba residents only. Advertisements must adhere to federal, provincial and community advertising laws and standards.

How can we use the money we raise through our Monte Carlo event?

Funds raised through Monte Carlo events must be used for education, religion, health, relieving poverty, or to benefit the community by promoting sports, recreation, culture, or any other area considered appropriate by the LGA. Please provide as much detail as possible on your application about your intended use of funds.

How many Monte Carlo events can we have in one year?

Organizations can have up to two Monte Carlo events in one year. Each Monte Carlo event cannot exceed three days.