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LGA Electronic Funds Transfer Service

  • Licensees may pay for their purchases from Liquor Marts or the MLCC’s Order Office by an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) service. However, the Licensee must register with the MLCC to access the EFT service. To register, the Licensee must complete the "Authorization For Business Pre-Authorized Debit Plan" form.
  • The MLCC will process the authorization form and advise the Licensee when the EFT service will be effective. After the effective date, EFT will be available for all transactions at either a Liquor Mart or the MLCC Order Office. The amount of the order will automatically be debited from your account based on EFT terms. A new licence will be on two-day terms. After three months, the Licensee may apply to have terms extended to the maximum term of 30 days. If a licence is subsequently cancelled or terminated, all outstanding amounts become payable immediately.

Authorization for Business Pre-Authorized Debit Plan*

  • Authorization of the Payor to the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission to Direct Debit an Account
  • PAYOR INFORMATION (Please type or print clearly)




Complaint Form

    Liquor Complaint Form