Paper Reporting

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Limited series financial report |  Guide

The following ongoing financial report, guide and raffle event sheet should be used for meat draws, 50/50 licences and chase the card licences (also known as chase the ace, track the jack, etc.).

Ongoing financial report | Guide

Raffle event sheet


Financial report Guide

Bingo and Breakopen (combined) financial report

Event report | Guide

Inventory control form

Accounting for losses

Seller control form


Financial report Guide

Event report | Guide

Inventory control form

Media Bingo

Financial report | Guide

Event report | Guide

Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments

Financial report Guide

Event report

Player registration and rebuy record


Please reference the guides above, and click below for answers to some common questions about financial reporting. You can also email our Audit Department or contact us at 204-954-9400 or toll-free at 1-800-782-0363 with any questions or for assistance completing your financial reports.

Do we need to open a separate bank account for each licence that we have?

No, only one lottery bank account is needed; however, you must deposit the proceeds from each licence separately (on separate deposit slips) so that we can clearly identify the deposit from each specific licence.

Can money be transferred from the lottery bank account to the general account?

The funds raised under an LGA licence must be disbursed directly from the lottery bank account. Transfers are not allowed.

We do make exceptions, but approval is not guaranteed. Requests are considered on an individual basis, and will include a review of your organization’s past financial reporting practices. If the request is granted, increased reporting requirements will be imposed and may include the submission of an independent audited financial statement.

My organization has an annual financial statement done every year by our audit committee. Should I send this report to the LGA along with the other reporting we do?

You only need to send the LGA financial reports provided with your licence, unless you have entered into an agreement with us that requires additional reporting. In this case, the LGA only accepts independent audited financial statements, which means that the statements must be prepared and signed by a designated accountant who is not a member of the organization.

The financial reports all ask for the president’s signature. What if the president is away?

If the president is away, the designated authority in your organization may sign the report in the space provided for the president’s signature. This usually means the vice-president or another executive member. Many organizations have signed up to use our electronic reporting tool so that they don’t have the trouble of getting signatures for every report.

Our organization hasn’t operated at all for several months. Do we still have to submit a financial report?

Yes. While there will be no sales to report, you may have written cheques during this time. Also, there are often service charges and interest credits that have occurred in the lottery account and this activity must be reported as well.

Last week, we had an event that lost $100. We had to use some of our float in order to pay out all our prizes. How do we put the $100 back into our float?

The preferred method of replenishing or topping up the float is to write a cheque on the lottery bank account for the amount that you need. You should avoid holding back $100 from the next event in order to make up the float in case your next event does not make enough profit to allow the full amount to be replaced.

I’ve written the cheque to top up our float. Now how do I report this on the financial report?

The only difference between this transaction and any other is that there is no deposit amount. In the “Calculated Deposit” column on page 1, you will be showing your “Calculated Loss”. Also, instead of an “Actual Deposit”, you will record an “Actual Withdrawal”, which is the amount of the cheque that you wrote to top up the float. This cheque should not be recorded anywhere else on the financial report; your report will not balance if you record it on the cheque register.

Click here for a detailed example of how to complete the above process.