Electronic Reporting

The electronic reporting tool (ERT) is a user-friendly Microsoft Excel file that works on Windows and looks just like our paper financial report forms, yet is simpler and faster to complete because of built-in calculations, validation features and help boxes. The ERT is designed to be submitted by email, which eliminates the need to obtain signatures.

Electronic reporting tool (ERT) user manual

What charities are saying about the ERT:

“I like the ERT because it saves time, paper, postage, and cheques.”

“I really enjoy the ERT and could not imagine having to report any other way. This is so fast and easy and all the calculations are done for you… It really is the only way to go.”

Please download and save the tool below to your computer.

Electronic reporting tool (ERT) for Microsoft Excel 2003

Electronic reporting tool (ERT) for Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer

If you’re submitting an electronic financial report, click here to email your report to us.


Please click below for answers to some common questions about electronic reporting. You can also email our Audit Department or contact us at 204-954-9400 or toll-free at 1-800-782-0363.

What are the system requirements for using the ERT?

The ERT works on Microsoft Windows using Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer. macOS versions of Excel are not supported at this time. You will also need an email account to submit your reports by email.

How do I submit bank statements if I use the ERT?

You can submit your bank statements by email to your LGA auditor, by fax at 204-954-9450 or toll-free fax at 1-866-999-6688, or by regular mail.

How do I pay licence fees if I use the ERT?

You can pay licence fees through your financial institution by setting up the bill payment feature and adding the LGA to your list of approved payees. If you prefer, you can also mail a cheque payable to “LGA Manitoba”.