What gaming events are going on in the province?

There are various gaming events in Manitoba,  including raffles and ongoing events licensed by the LGA. In Manitoba, municipalities and First Nations Gaming Commissions may also issue raffle licences. The reports here only contain information about raffles licensed by the LGA. They do not include information about community raffles or ongoing raffles, such as weekly 50/50 draws.

See below for draw dates in the current and past year, as well as the map showing events that are ongoing in your region.

Draw dates in 2018

Approved raffles

Raffle applications pending approval

Previous years



Ongoing charitable gaming events licensed by the LGA

Please review the map below to identify your region, then select the link for ongoing events in your area, including bingos, breakopen tickets, media bingos and Texas hold’em poker tournaments licensed by the LGA.


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